Foreman is available under /releases/VERSION/DIST/ARCH, e.g.

foreman-release RPMs containing an appropriate .repo file are available with fixed URLs:

Release packages are signed with a new key for each major release. The public key is available in the RPM-GPG-KEY-foreman file within each version directory or the foreman-release RPMs.

Nightly builds of Foreman are available under /releases/nightly/DIST/ARCH and are refreshed a few times a day, but are not GPG signed.

A symlink is available at /releases/latest which always points to the latest stable release. Please be careful when using this, as release upgrades often require some manual intervention (see release notes).


A number of Foreman plugins are available in the plugin repos, see Plugins and List of Plugins for more information.

Plugin repos are structured by the Foreman version that they're compatible with in the format /plugins/VERSION/DIST/ARCH, e.g.

Plugin repos are not GPG signed.


Katello is available under /katello/VERSION/katello/DIST/ARCH with Candlepin under /candlepin/CANDLEPIN_VERSION/DIST/ARCH.

katello-repos RPMs containing an appropriate .repo file are available:

Unlike Foreman, there is no latest symlink and you must match the Katello version to the correct Foreman version

Accessing this repo

This repository is available over HTTP and HTTPS:


You can find the installation instructions here, but we strongly recommend using our Installer (which uses RPMs and Puppet).

If you have any issues, you can find ways to reach us on our Support page.

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